Clint Black satirizes the media in his new video for “Still Calling It News,” an especially relevant concept considering the media coverage of the 2016 election cycle.

The song calls out mainstream 24-hour media for weak headlines and fluffy stories. It was originally written during the 2012 election by Black and Hayden Nicholas, but it's just as applicable four years later. Black’s new video for the song takes clips from real news outlets from all sides of the aisle, including Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS and others, overlaying them with made-up headlines like “Dogs Are Super Cute” and “Trump Points Wildly."

The video goes on to show clips of anchors laughing and other soundbites purposefully removed from their original context, as Black sings in between, “It’s gettin’ pretty old, but they’re still callin’ it news."

Black says the video, despite its focus on the election, is not a political stand.

“[The video] shouldn't be taken as a political statement, but rather as a way to illustrate how our focus has been steered away from the important issues facing our country today. If we had the footage, we probably could've made an equally absurd video of the Jefferson/Adams election,” he says in a press release.

As the clip rolls on, additional ridiculous headlines are posted on the screen, declaring ‘We’re Making Stuff Up ‘Cause We’re Bored,” while the lyrics to the tune scroll underneath.

“Still Calling It News” appears on Black’s 2015 album On Purpose, which hit No. 13 on the Billboard Country Albums chart.

Backstage at the 2015 ACM Awards With Clint Black