Clint Black's brand new duet with his wife, Lisa Hartman Black, shows that the coupled country music stars still possess the same vocal prowess that led them to perform as a pair of disguised entertainers on the current season of Fox's The Masked Singer.

But even though the twosome's costumed revue as the Snow Owls didn't lead them all the way to the end of the unique reality singing competition, it still drummed up some inspiration for new material. That's where Clint and Lisa's fresh number, "Til the End of Time," comes in.

Listen to the song at the top of this post.

As the couple recently shared with Taste of Country, Clint started writing "Til the End of Time" — the romantic cut envisioned specifically as a vocal collaboration with his longtime life partner — toward the tail end of the twosome's time on The Masked Singer. Even still, it didn't come easy.

"I beat my head on the wall for about three days getting nowhere, musically or lyrically," Clint says of the song's competition-sparked writing process. "Then I thought of the opening line, 'I can tell you how the story never ends.' I thought, 'OK, that's us. Till the end of time.'"

Of course, a veteran country performer like Clint powered through the song's creation, and the result is a phenomenal showcase of the couple's continued strengths as singers.

Undoubtedly, it sure beats performing in full costume.

"We were covered head to toe," Lisa explains of the pair's TV showcases as The Masked Singer's Snow Owls. "We had to be completely disguised anywhere we went. From the minute we pulled up in the lot, before we could get out of the car, they did an inspection to make sure everything was covered. It was like that the entire time. We never knew who anybody else was."

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