Cole Swindell has an impressive seven No. 1 hits to his name, but there's one notch he's been hankering to finally add to his belt. The singer made that wish come true when he appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday (Sept. 28), performing his newest single "Stay Downtown."

The singer explained he's a major member of Ellen's fanclub: “I've been blessed to get to perform in a lot of fun and special places, but I’ve been looking forward to hopefully having this opportunity to get to do the Ellen DeGeneres Show since I started my career,” he says.

“I have been such a big fan of her for as long as I can remember, because she’s hilarious — and more so for all the great things she does for people all the time."

Swindell performed the tune for an audience of appreciative fans — and as a bonus, got a big hug from Ellen herself when he finished!

"Stay Downtown” is Swindell's latest single from his 2016 album You Should Be Here.

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