There is so much rancor and division among people these days. The stress of COVID, economic challenges, social unrest, and an intense season of politics has made for some stressful conditions and strife in 2020. Don't worry, I'm not going to blather on about things political or the upcoming election.

Instead, I thought I'd explore a humorous side of things and see how our imagination might just release some of those 'happy vibes' during this otherwise agitated era.

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Here are, in no particular order, the 5 Best Ideas for President Trump and former Vice President Biden Should Do Together, to foster a warmer, lifelong friendship and achieve world peace.

1) The Donald could invite Joe to his Mar-a-Lago Club Resort in Florida for a round of golf, a 5-Star Dinner, and a tour of the 'Gator Observation Tank'.

2) Donald and Joe could get together for a good-old-fashioned pajama party at Joe's place where Dr. Biden could whip up s' mores and cocoa and they could play to the home version of 'Celebrity Apprentice' and take turns shouting 'YOU'RE FIRED' to each other.

3) The Prez and the former Veep could join a synchronized swim-team, develop a couple's routine, and secure Gold for Team USA at the 2022 Geriatric Games.

4) With Biden's fondness and fitness for jogging and spontaneous push-ups and Trump's high energy and secret hair compartment containing megadose vitamin D capsules, they could crash a family picnic and compete in a three-legged-race for cash and potato salad.

5) The two political heavyweights would run away and enter Drag Queen School, adopt personas of Gladys and Pearl. They would then develop a Vaudevillian-Style song and dance routine, hit the road, and sing, dance, and strip-tease their way into the hearts and minds of Americans!

Bethany Clarke, Getty Images
Bethany Clarke, Getty Images

There are my Top 5 Suggestions, You may well have some ideas of your own, and I would like to hear them. Tap me on the STATION APP. I will do my best to forward all viable concepts onto each of the campaigns and we'll see if they go for it. Let's face it, it couldn't get any crazier!

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