Women in country music are fired up and fed up about a lack of diversity on country radio. Sara Evans has been especially outspoken about songs by women — her songs — not receiving airplay, but one country radio DJ suggests it has less to do with women and more to do with the quality of her single.

In a lengthy Twitter message on Oct. 25, Evans called out a "blatant stonewalling of female artists," saying also that "one day I'm a country artist with hits on country radio and the next, I can't even get one spin on ANY of my new music." Evans released a single called "Marquee Sign" in 2017.

Atlanta deejay and Kicks 101.5 morning host Cadillac Jack responded (also via Twitter), questioning whether it's just that Evans' song wasn't up to par. "Dear Sara. Did it ever cross your mind that it’s not a gender thing but a 'single' thing?" he writes.

He responded to another tweet about inequality when a woman shared a screenshot of the station's current spins, showing that the only female artist the station had played in the Top 20 songs was Maren Morris. She received 39 spins this week with "Rich," making her the 10th most-played artist on the station.

His defense? Morris is the only female with "a hit."

"Maren has a hit. She’s had several and has become one of the faces of our format. What happens the day that there is only 1 male in the Top 30? Do men march on Nashville? Spam radio? Get a male only Artists of the Year show on @CMT?" he replies.

Evans has seen countless hits in her career, including "Suds in the Bucket" and "A Little Bit Stronger." She's now an independent artist and admits she's been "devastated" by changes in the genre, including a "lack of creativity and lyrical sophistication."

"It's time for a change," she says

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