Daniel Craig has made no secret that he wants to exit the 007 franchise, and if it were up to him, Spectre would have been his last outing as James Bond. During the press tour for the 24th Bond film, Craig was pretty blunt about his desire to leave the franchise behind, suggesting that he’d rather slit his wrists than play 007 again. It’s not entirely up to Craig, though, but according to his best pal and fellow actor Mark Strong, he might be done with the franchise. Or not. Who knows.

The Kingsman and Sherlock Holmes star spoke with Shortlist (via The Playlist), who suggested that Strong would be a great Bond villain, and while he very much agreed, Strong also revealed this tidbit:

Do you know what, I’d have loved to have played the villain in a Bond movie while Daniel was doing it because he’s a pal and that would have been great. But I think he’s come to the end of his Bond time and so it’s probably never going to happen, but that would have always been great.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that Craig isn’t returning for the 25th Bond film. The actor previously backtracked on that whole “slash my wrists” comment, and it seemed as though he just needed a break before diving back in for his next Bond outing.

Strong adds, “there are powers at work greater than us who make all these decisions,” referencing his friend’s contract with Sony, which has him committed to one more James Bond film. And although Sam Mendes isn’t returning to direct, it’s very likely that Craig will fulfill his contractual obligations.

Up next, Craig is starring in Purity, a new miniseries adaptation based on Jonathan Franzen’s book of the same name. Franzen is co-writing the series with Todd Field (Little Children), which is currently being eyed by Showtime.

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