In Indonesia a huge sea creature was found washed up onshore. The locals there described it as being 50 feet long -- with tusks! Honestly, we really don't know about everything that is under us in the ocean. It is remarkable to me the things we see. No wonder there are so many legends of crazy creatures like "Nessy," Scotland's Loc Ness monster.I was over on the other side of Washington near the beach and was so excited when I saw jellyfish. When I got closer I realized that they were all dead. It made me sad that they all washed up on the beach and couldn't get back to the ocean. One of them was the size of a basketball. Poor thing. That is the only crazy thing I have seen that has been beached.

Do you go to the ocean for a visit? What crazy sea creature have you seen washed up on the shore? Tell us in the comments below.

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