A recent favorite store in Yakima has been the introduction of Daily Deals. A store that deals with Amazon returns, Target overstock and more all at a set price daily. Everything in store starts at $12 on Friday, then drops a few dollars each day until Wednesday where everything is one dollar, then closed on Thursday to restock. They're getting ready to open a new location in Sunnyside.

Daily Deals
Daily Deals

This new location is 1710 E. Gregory Ave. in Sunnyside (across from the high school, next to Anytime Fitness).

Across the street from Sunnyside Highschool and next door to Anytime Fitness! 1710 E Gregory Ave, Sunnyside, WA 98944

The hope is to open this location in a week or so. We'll let you know for sure and you can always follow them on Facebook for more updates.

In case you're wondering, this will be their second location while still keeping a location of Daily Deals open in Yakima as well.

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