This is a follow-up to our story on May 8th.

Looks like the fight betwixt David vs. Goliath continues.

The latest? The Mayor of Selah, Sherry Raymond has released a clarification on her original proclamation on May 8th (you can read here).

The sling and rocks, were slung. Goliath, knicked. Still standing. So is the couragous mayor.

mayor City of Sleah

City of Selah / Facebook

Released through the Municipal Attorney's office via the City Of Selah, much like the proclamation May 8th, it is simple straight forward and to the point.

The Mayor City of Selah simply clarifies the scope of which the City of Selah will continue to operate. In the clarification, it states that this the original proclamation "does not insulate or protect residents and business owners from potential law enforcement actions by other government agencies", including state/county officials. AKA, Goliath.

In other words, City of Selah will not ticket or fine anyone if a violation occurs - but state and county officials can. Dang that Goliath. What a buzzkill that guy is.

Mayor Selah logo

The clarification goes on to say that the original proclamation "does not negate or change the effect of the Governor’s State proclamation in any regard."

In other words, The City of Selah is declaring it's stance and will NOT enforce the states orders. But state officials can. So, the battle of Freedom vs. The Safety of All continues.

If you remember the story correctly, David was armed with five stones. Looks like Mayor Sherry Raymond has a few more to use - just in case. 

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