My wife is the queen of de-cluttering the house. She spends a good deal of time trying to figure out on how to get rid of our stuff. (Luckily, she stays away from the man cave.)

But I've discovered this simple plan to de-clutter house your house in 30 days -- and it WORKS!

It's a simple guide from the and as you head into the weekend, you might get a few ideas from this easy-to-follow list.

Day 1  TV Stand

Day 2   Books

Day 3  Movies/CDs

Day 4  Bathroom Cabinets

Day 5  Shower Tolietries

Day 6  Makeup

Day 7  Jewelry

Day 8  Purse

Day 9  Hallway Closet

Day 10 Bedroom End Tables

Day 11 Your Clothes

Day 12 Your Spouse's Clothes

Day 13 Your Kid's Clothes

Day 14 Kid's Toys

Day 15 Office Desk

Day 16 Fridge

Day 17 Freezer

Day 18 Medicine Cabinet

Day 19 Under The Kitchen Sink

Day 20 Utensils

Day 21 Dishes

Day 22 Pots And Pans

Day 23 Tupperware

Day 24 Pantry

Day 25 Spices

Day 26 Junk Drawers

Day 27 Cleaning Supplies

Day 28 Craft Room

Day 29 Other Closets

Day 30 Other Cabinets



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