There is more to a smile than just-- a smile. Smiles are something that can capture a friend... a moment... a first love perhaps? There are things about smiles I bet you didn't know.

Smiles are contagious and just like a cold you can spread it like the plague, and that's not an opinion its science.  the neurons in our brains have a synchronizing feature that keeps you in sync with those you are talking to. So if you are having a conversation that makes you smile, chances are, you are going to make the person you are talking to smile as well!

Science strikes again with smiles, it also shows that a big genuine smile-- you know the one where you get squinty eyes and your pretty sure your teeth are sparkling, those kinds of smiles can boost your immune system! Smiling also helps reduce your blood pressure, when you smile you release endorphins which makes you happy by boosting your mood!

Need a promotion at work? Maybe you should smile more, studies show that employees are more apped to promote someone who smiles more because it shows that they are engaged and easy to work with!

Finally, next time you go to take a picture you should try to say "Cheeks" instead of the word "Cheese". Saying cheeks actually shapes your mouth better and lifts your cheeks upwards to give you a more sincere, geniune smile!

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