When the Marvel movies were the current hotness with new films from Marvel coming out seemingly once a year or so, there became a time when people would marathon them, but not in the order of release, but in the order of the time era they were filmed. Meaning you'd watch Captain America first since it took place in the 1940s, followed by Captain Marvel set in 1995 and so on. A very neat idea for people who have way too much time on their hands.

But what about doing the same with classic Disney movies?

Some movies were set long ago like Sword in the Stone and Hercules while others are a little more modern like an Oliver and Company and Wreck-it Ralph. Then you also have Disney movies set in the future like Big Hero 6 and Treasure Planet.

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I saw this timeline floating around on Facebook and figured I'd share it as I thought it was a fun idea.

Even if you don't watch these movies in order, assuming you've already seen all or most, but fun to see what lies where.

Some are a vague estimate based on things that happen during the films while others have an exact year.

Dinosaur - 65 million years ago
Brother Bear - 10,000 years ago
Hercules - 1200 B.C.
Moana - 100s
Aladdin - 300s
The Sword in the Stone - 400s
Raya and the Last Dragon - 500s
The Black Cauldron - 600s
Robin Hood - 1194
Wish - 1200s
Sleeping Beauty - 1300s
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - 1482
Mulan - 1482
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - 1500s
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - 1500s
The Emperor's New Groove - 1500s
Pocahontas - 1607
Beauty and the Beast - 1790s
The Little Mermaid - 1790s
Tangled - 1840s
Frozen - 1840s
Frozen - 1840s
Mickey and the Beanstalk - 1840s
Pinocchio - 1860s
Cinderella - 1860s
Alice in Wonderland - 1860s
The Jungle Book - 1890s
Home on the Range - 1890s
The Great Mouse Detective - 1897
Peter Pan - 1908
Tarzan - 1908
Wind in the Willows - 1908
Lady and the Tramp - 1910
The Aristocats - 1910
Atlantis - 1914
Strange World - 1914
Winnie the Pooh - 1920s
Bambi - 1920s
The Princess and the Frog - 1920s
Dumbo - 1941
The Three Caballeros - 1945
The Fox and The Hound - 1952
Encanto - 1950s
101 Dalmatians - 1958
The Rescuers - 1977
The Rescuers Down Under - 1977
Oliver and Company - 1988
The Lion King - 1994
Lilo and Stitch - 2002
Chicken Little - 2005
Bolt - 2008
Wreck-it Ralph - 2012
Ralph Breaks the Internet - 2018
Zootopia - 2016
Meet the Robinsons - 2037
Big Hero 6 - 2150
Treasure Planet - 101st Century

Again, some of these dates may be off the mark, I'm just repeating the information, but it seems well enough to get you going.

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