Dogs are so multi-purpose. Along with being a man's best friend or someone's helpful buddy, they're a member of your family, they teach your kids how to raise and be kind to animals and so much more. They can also be great for helping you clean your plate or pick up food that is dropped on the floor. With Thanksgiving coming up no doubt your dogs are ready for what may come their way. Only there are some items on the table that may be harmful for your dog.

According to the American Kennel Club here is a list of foods you should not let your dog eat. There are for both safety reasons and some just because of unhealthy ingredients.

Turkey skin or bones. Basically, anything not turkey meat itself. Please make sure there are no bones in it and remove the skin as well. bones from a bird are brittle and may splinter.

Stuffing and casseroles

Mashed Potatoes


Anything with spices

Anything fatty (like that part of the turkey nobody wants)

items like onions, scallions and garlic

most sweets including chocolate (duh), pies and cookies

Anything with Xylotil which is extremely toxic for dogs. This would include sugar-free desserts and some baked goods.

Hopefully not to scare you from feeding your dog anything as they're looking up with hopeful eyes, here are a few things that are A-OK to feed your dog.

Turkey meat

Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes without butter or anything else. In moderation, of course.


Green Beans


And if you insist on dessert they recommend something like frozen yogurt.

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