So! Let's paint the scenario: You haven't seen your friends in a while and decide to all meet up for old times' sake. You go to your favorite spot that everyone can agree on. No doubt, they have wings on the appetizer menu or maybe it's a place known for their wings.

Or, and maybe closer to the truth, you're sitting around watching Netflix and thinking to yourself 'why not wings?' so you go and grab some wings to go at a local spot for wings.

Either way, you get the wings. When they come out you see this glorious pile of drums and flats immediately ready for consumption. However, on the same plate as your wings are something nobody specifically asked for -- vegetables.

Traditionally celery and carrots. Sometimes one or the other but often times both. You know, those orange and green crunchy things next to the chicken.

Do you actually eat them? I have to ask because I love them. However when I see other people with wings I have noticed so many times they go to waste. As if they were presented like a garnish more than a compliment to the spice.

I think that's the reason they're there. Since carrots and celery are basically fiber/water sticks they can kill the spice quickly. At least a bit.

That being said, I bet jicama would work even better but maybe not as widely found as carrots or celery.

Anyways, if I'm nearby, I'll happily accept all your carrots and celery. I love'em.

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