If the pandemic has taught me one thing it's a simple adoption of an "ain't nobody got time for that!" mentality. May God bless your soul if you're still engulfed in tomfoolery because you're going to get caught.

After recently posting about NOT giving money to panhandlers, I was floored with the response from people talking about spoiling others, "hustle". Literally, "Why, are you hating on how they play the game?" Full stop. Conning others out of cash isn't a hustle, it's a waste of your life, you're better than that and you know it.

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Two Losers

Now, let's move on to these two losers in Yakima who need identifying. On Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 between 11:20 pm and 11:40 pm two unidentified men in masks unsuccessfully attempted to break in and steal from the new location for T&T Shooter's Supply, located at 308 N 6th Ave in Yakima.

Based on security footage, there is a grainy photo of these two yahoos and from what the landlord gathers it seems they could have been casing the joint for a bit and even attempted to take out the security camera. They broke more than a window and probably the goal was to steal guns. FYI, T&T Shooter's Supply does NOT leave guns at their location after hours.

If anyone recognizes these two the owners of T&T Shooter's Supply would greatly appreciate the information but also wanted to make sure that people were aware, in case they noticed the same dudes in their area. Better to be safe than sorry and so if you'd be so kind to share this with friends, family, and business owners perhaps it will help stop them from attempting to strike somewhere else.

You can change the trajection of your life at any point, it starts with breaking bad habits that aren't serving you. I'm going to put stealing from others in that category, agree?

Do You Know Who These Two Are?

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