Dolly Parton says her tattoos aren't meant to make a statement, but those who've seen them say they are indeed a statement.

A pair of actress/comedians reveal the tattoos are bountiful and beautiful. The singer says she gets inked for a very specific and uncommon reason: to cover scars!

Parton's tattoos and all of the rumors associated with them are the focus of this week's episode of The Secret History of Country Music. Where are they, how many are there and why does she hide them? If you came here hoping to confirm the "9 to 5" hitmaker has sleeves a la Brantley Gilbert, Michael Ray or Brett Young you might be disappointed, but if you had heard she has ink across her chest? Yeah, there's proof of that.

Jay Leno was the among the first to tug on Parton's fabric and reveal a hidden tattoo, but since then she's spoken about her ink history in several interviews, giving a satisfying and definitive explanation to Larry King after a British comedian published a memoir that spilled the secret. As it turns out, you can't trust people who talk for a living with anything private.

Good thing in 2019 a few tattoos are normal — almost expected!

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