Doug Supernaw has died after a battle with cancer. The country singer was 60 years old.

Supernaw's death was announced in a post to his Facebook account on Friday (Nov. 13), reporting that he "passed away peacefully" at his home in Texas.

The Texas native released his debut album, Red and Rio Grande, in 1993, scoring hits with the title song, "Reno" and "I Don't Call Him Daddy," the latter of which reached No. 1. He went on to release three more albums: Deep Thoughts From a Shallow Mind in 1994, 1996's You Still Got Me and Fadin' Renegade in 1999, scoring additional hits in 1995 with "What'll You Do About Me" and "Not Enough Hours in the Night."

A post on Supernaw's Facebook page in early February of 2019 revealed he had been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in both his bladder and lungs.

"After struggling with a prolonged cough, Doug was admitted to the hospital on January 25th, where it was determined he was suffering from Pneumonia. Additional tests found fluid on his heart and lungs which put his heart in an A-Fib condition," that post read. "Additional tests also found a suspicious mass in his right lung. It was then determined that it was in Doug’s best interest that he be transferred to another Houston area hospital. It was at this hospital that his medical team confirmed several masses in his lungs, lymph nodes, bones, and bladder."

A subsequent post in October of 2020 revealed that his cancer had spread to his brain and spine and he was in hospice care.

Supernaw's most recent release was a 2017 greatest hits package that included two new songs.

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