Duane Chapman gave his late wife a sendoff to commemorate the one-year anniversary of her death. The Dog the Bounty Hunter star loaded a bright green air-filled raft up with personal effects and flowers and send it floating down the South Platte River.

The U.S. Sun has photos that show that a picture of Beth Chapman and her favorite cowboy hat were in the raft when her husband sent it afloat. The moment honored one of the late reality television star's favorite traditions: Beth liked to float a certain portion of the river on Father’s Day, with her now-67-year-old husband there to pick her up.

This tribute in Colorado came as Chapman’s daughter Cecily held a paddle out in Hawaii on the same day. The family had told fans they could honor Beth — who died after battling cancer on June 26, 2019 — by going for a hike, one of her favorite activities, and many did just that. Duane Chapman's new fiancé Francie Frane joined him in honoring his late wife, with the television star commenting on how he couldn’t have done it without her.

Beth Chapman was 51 years old when she died in Hawaii last year. Her cancer battle was very public, even to the point of being filmed for the Chapmans' most recent reality television series, Dog's Most Wanted, on WGN.

Duane Chapman and Frane became engaged earlier this year after just a few months of dating. The pair are to be married after the coronavirus pandemic scales back, and Chapman says he hopes to find a way to include his fans in the wedding.

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