I was born and raised in Yakima, moved away for about 10 years and made my way back. I'm hip with most of our local customs but, still, even after living in Yakima for 30 years, here's a small list of things I still haven't done. How many can you relate to?

I've never:

  • Picked cherries or apples
  • Had a Kemper Burger
  • Floated the river
  • Eaten at Gasperetti's
  • Visited the nearby caves
  • Hiked the hills
  • Gone on a wine tour
  • Visited inside someone's house on Scenic Drive

And I'm sure there are many more, but I have had some great experiences including performing at the Capitol Theatre many times, singing the National Anthem before a local baseball game and finishing a Big Miner with Cheese in one sitting. I can claim even more, but that would just be bragging.

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