I have heard rave reviews from people who have tried out float tanks and float pods, but I had never experienced it for myself.

I cannot believe that we finally have this unique and gratifying experience right here in Yakima, thanks to power couple, Rob and Heidi Meineke!

When you first walk into Energy Massage & Float Spa (6802 Tieton Dr), you can feel that the vibe is decadent and relaxing. You have no idea you are about to be amazed by "nothing". That's because when you get inside a float pod, there is "nothing" else in the room besides yourself (preferably in the nude) and 900 pounds of Epsom salt to detox toxins in your body.

To begin your sensory deprivation experience*, you are escorted to your room, where you will lather yourself with soap and rinse off with tepid temperature water in the deluxe shower (equipped with LED changing lights)! Next, you'll put in some ear plugs so the salt will not get inside your ear canals. Finally, you'll gently glide yourself inside the float pod.

After you have closed the lid on your float pod, your mind and body will eventually relax as the Epsom salt intermingles with science to release your body from Earth's gravity pull. This allows even someone with a large frame and body weight to literally float above the water. If you are afraid of sinking, you can use the pool noodle underneath your neck.

Music is provided according to your mood (I chose "Nature Sounds"); you can always turn the music (and the LED changing lights) off to be alone with your thoughts, if you like.

So what was my floatation therapy experience like? Well, I thought about my daughter and how much I want to spend more time playing with her, recent family issues, my mortality, Attorney General Jeff Sessions (don't laugh at me, I had just watched a bit of his Senate hearing with Senator Al Franken, so it was still fresh on my mind). I also thought about how I missed my old 1990's John Tesh cassette tapes, Monterey Nights and Winter Song. Then I slowly moved around in the water and pretended I was a mermaid. I am sure all of this was perfectly normal. Ha!

I emerged from the 60 minute session refreshed and happy, plus I felt about 5 pounds lighter! After you take another shower to rinse off all the salt, you are encouraged to spend a few minutes in the "Chill Room", which has a decadent, relaxing vibe. (I felt as though I was hanging out in a VIP room, waiting for Beyonce or Idris Elba to come waltzing in any second!)

There is a journal in the Chill Room, and guests are free to write any thoughts they would like to share with the staff or to write anything you wish to get off your chest. After I scribbled my notes in the journal, I felt myself becoming overcome with tears and sadness. I didn't realize it, but my body was releasing some pent up emotional pain and trauma that I have been holding in for a very long time.

I felt so ashamed that was standing there in the Chill Room bawling like a baby, but Heidi, one of the owners, gave me comforting reminder that whatever my reaction to the float pod was, it was cathartic! She said that while most people will experience bliss and relaxation after leaving the float pod, crying is a cathartic reaction, too!

I highly recommend everyone give the float pod a try at least once! You can go by yourself, as a couple, or with a friend, but if you decide to go with someone, just remember that you will each have your own separate room and your own separate pod.

Prepare to be amazed!

*You can opt-in to get a massage in one of the private rooms prior to getting into the float pod.

Here's a few tips I suggest:

  • Don't drink anything at least one hour before your appointment. Your stomach will be busy digesting all the stuff you just consumed and all of that will be very noisy inside your silent pod.
  • Don't come in with any pre-conceived notions of what to expect. Every person's float therapy experience is different!
  • Don't get any of that Epsom salt in your eyes. It will BURN like the depths of Hades.
  • Expect to fart a little bit. (Or was that just me being all gassy?)
  • Notice where you are holding tension in your body and then focus your mind to relax that area.

6802 Tieton Dr, Yakima, WA 98908

(509) 902-1188

Energy Massage & Float Spa, Yakima
Energy Massage & Float Spa, Yakima

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