Mother's Day doesn't go without its failures. Getting the right gift can be challenging. Add to that, most men are shopping for thier better halves and you got a great recipe for disaster. Mother's Day does bring out the cluelessness in some men. 

My lifelong friends Dave and Anna are awesome. They are lifelong friends But Dave is the worst gift giver. Case in point, yesterday, Anna shared a gift her clueless (but lovable) husband got for her - a broken lamp he found in the garbage. Yep, Dumpster Divin' for Mother Day Gifts! For Mother's Day, Dave thought, "SCORE!" Anna said "LAME!" What was he thinking? 


Another friend of mine Ray got his Monica wife a Dremel. Yeah, the power tool. Never mind she doesn't do DYI or home improvement at all. Apparently, Ray has wanted a Dremel for a while and decided to get one for his wife. She was beside herself.  "The least you could have done is got me a pink one!" 


Lots of Mothers Gifts Fails this year. They include... 

Gnome Spice Jars 

They look like something of the set of Lord of the Rings. And they are hideous! 


 “I Sleep With The Boss Mug” 

She works for her husband’s company. He’s the boss. She deals with client relations. One Mother’s Day, 

Her husband got the “witty” mug. Which is useless. She can’t take it to work - she can’t use it at home because thier kids will start asking about it. It was just a dumb gift.  

All we ask is that next year, let’s get Mom something she really wants. We have a whole year to get it right next Mother’s Day!  



All My Best,

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