No arrests and no decisions yet in the fatal hit and run case of 66-year-old Wendy Baker. Baker was killed June 12 while riding a bike along Summitview Avenue.
Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic tells KIT News "we are actively awaiting results from a search warrant." There's no word on how long that may take but Brusic says once that happens he'll meet with the investigative team from the Yakima County Sheriff's Office so he can make a final charging decision in the case.

There's good reason why the investigation is taking time

Why is the investigation taking so long? The difficulty for authorities is that there was no eyewitness to the crash that could help investigators identify the driver. The suspect truck was found abandoned in East Valley shortly after the crash and has been in the Yakima County Sheriff's Office evidence facility since then. The owner of the vehicle has not been identified. Brusic must prove who was driving the truck at the time of the crash not who owns the vehicle. A witness did see the crash and followed the truck until the driver fled. The witness wasn't able to identify the driver. As a result investigators have been gathering electronic evidence from the truck and from a cell phone.

Brusic expects to see the case on his desk soon

Earlier KIT News reported that shortly after the crash the truck was taken to a local body shop to repair damage but the truck was picked up when the repairs couldn't be made fast enough. Now authorities are working to put together a case to present to Brusic which he says should be "fairly soon."
If the prosecutor decides the case isn't strong enough to support an arrest there's the possibility the case could be dropped until further evidence and information is available.

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