Filmore's set at Taste of Country's showcase in Austin on Friday (March 17) got him a lot more than just a bunch of new fans. The contemporary country singer-songwriter was also surprised with his very first Gibson guitar.

Filmore took the stage at Townsquare HQ at the Sunset Room as part of a showcase that also included Walker Hayes, and after his set, he sat down to talk about his favorite Gibson moment.

"When I first moved to Nashville there was this awesome studio, and the guy became my mentor," he recalls in the video above. "I used to write there all the time, and he used to have these awesome old J-45's, like 1940 and 1950, and I literally used to play them on every recording as I was getting my songwriting chops together. Ever since then I've wanted to burn my Taylor and just own a Gibson."

That's probably not his favorite Gibson moment anymore, though. After Filmore shared that he's never actually owned a Gibson of his own, he was surprised by the gift of a beautiful red Gibson SG.

"What?" the singer exclaimed, his eyes lighting up like a kid at Christmas. "Oh my god!" he added, leaping to his feet with the instrument in his hands.

"I love it ... it's my favorite color," he raved, holding the guitar out in front of him so he could relish its classic lines.

Filmore ought to be getting plenty of chances to play his new Gibson as he travels around to perform his new single, "Unreal," for which he has just released a music video. For more information about Gibson's various models, visit the company's official website.

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