The other day my gas was on 'E' and I knew I had to fill up the tank. I also knew from reading the news that because of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, gasoline is supposed to be pretty cheap to buy these days.

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Imagine my disappointment when I pulled up to my usual gas spot and the cost per gallon was hovering around $2.98. What the what!

I had heard there was a place out in Wapato that was offering around $1.95 per gallon, so why didn't my place get the cheap gas memo?

Some places are still offering a gas discount per $100 in groceries you spend at their store, but I wanted to find a place offering something more.
I remembered that there is a handy online tool called, so I looked there to see which places near me offered a better gas price.

I discovered that this location is offering Regular grade gas at the cheapest price in Yakima (Cash or Credit)!

You can search for the cheapest gas places near your town by clicking right here.

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