Tv shows come and go, but some transcend time itself and earns a spot in history. We spend a lot of time around the T.V whether it's with family, friends or just a late-night binge, These shows not only took the world by storm but they were also based in our own backyard

In this list, we'll be checking out both live-action and animated shows. You might be surprised at some of the shows that made the list. Of course, we'll go over some of the classics but we're also gonna take a look at some new ones that made a huge impact

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5 Icarly

Icarly love it or hate it was huge in its time on Nickelodeon, so much show they even brought it back on Paramount+. It was far ahead of its time for a show based on internet live streams, it is so common to us because it's absolutely everywhere, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, youtube, twitch. However, Icarly was doing this before internet streaming was truly as big as it is today. The whole show was set in Seattle and showed the skyline constantly. They went on adventures around the PNW and at one point Carly almost moved to Yakima.

4 Greys Anatomy

The medical drama series based in Washington even shows the outside of harbor view medical center where the story takes place. With over 18 seasons and possibly counting. Even if you don't watch this show you've for sure heard the name and the plethora of famous actors that go along with it.

3 Fraiser

The sitcom gave the world a very different look at the inside world of radio and what goes into being a radio show host. Frasier is set in the heart of Seattle even having the space needle in the view of Frasier's apartment. With over 11 seasons on NBC and 37 prime-time Emmys, it's earned it's spot in the top 3.

2 Twin Peaks

The show only had 2 seasons until it was canceled in 1991, but it would soon develop a cult following and drawing people from all over the country to watch. It would later get a movie called Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, then get a season 3 in 2017. It was a crime drama series that took place in Twin Peaks Washington. Many people make whole vacation plans around Twin Peaks because of the show alone. To this day it's still considered one of the greatest around.

1 Rick And Morty

Believe it or not, the show that has taken over the world is based right here in Washington. Set in a suburb of Seattle the genius scientist Rick and his dopey, nerdy grandson Morty go on sci-fi trips around the universe and multiverse. People were taken by surprise to see an animated show grab such a following, bigger than a family guy and even rivals The Simpsons. They're currently in their Fifth season and confirmed for much much, more.

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