Every state has some weird laws hanging around from back in the day, you'd be surprised how dumb some of them are. My favorite thing about looking into these laws, most of them aren't enforced and are just hilarious to read. The best thing about it is it means someone did something dumb enough that they had to make a law for it.

So we'll check out some laws in Washington State that are more than likely forgotten and not truly enforced. However if you find yourself in a town that made it on this list with one of their weird laws, you'll be in the clear.

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It's Illegal To Buy A Mattress On A Sunday

Part of me imagines this had something to do with mattress stores doing an everything must go for the lord on Sundays. I'm probably wrong but it did get me a pretty good chuckle. This law is statewide but like I said before not enforced because...well...it's a dumb law.

Display A Hypnotized Person In A Store Window

If this doesn't scream "What in tarnation does that mean" I don't know what does. At some point, someone in Washington decided it was cheaper to display a living, hypnotized person than buying those pesky mannequins. But thankfully Washington put a stop to that. I doubt this law is enforced anymore but at the same time, I don't think a lot of hypnotists are running stores.

Do Not Harass Bigfoot

That's right, Bigfoot has the law on his side. In the early days of the state, plenty of reports were made that people had encountered none other than sasquatch himself. Worried people might hurt or furry friend, Washington implemented laws that if anyone did encounter the hairy beast to leave it alone...However, taking a blurry pic is alright as long as the flash is off.

You can't buy meat on a Sunday

I'm honestly curious why Washington didn't want you doing anything on Sundays but sadly they didn't. If you forgot to pick up the hamburger meat for grandmas meatballs you were out of luck and had to wait until Monday to go to the store. If you buy meat on a Sunday straight to jail.

It's Illegal to say your parents are Rich if not true.

Someone somewhere believed their best friend when they said their parents were rich...this lead to some kind of altercation to the point where Washington thought it was necessary to implement a law making it illegal to lie about being rich. Or that's how i imagine it anyways. Yes, it is true you can't tell people your parents are rich if they in fact are not and you could face some serious jail time...if anyone knew this law existed, even then I doubt they enforce it anymore.

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