Florida Georgia Line surprised fans with the release of a new song from their upcoming album early Friday morning (Jan. 8). Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley dropped a fun new track titled "New Truck" from their forthcoming fifth studio album, Life Rolls On.

The track features the same kind of light, fun energy that characterized FGL's earliest work, with lyrics that express the simple joy of getting the chance to show off a jacked-up new ride.

"I got a new truck / I got a new ride / I got it suped up / I like it too high / I got a new truck / I got a new ride / Shawty wanna ride shotty when I roll by / I got a new truck," they sing in the chorus.

"Rev up those engines and turn this one up real loud. #NewTruck out now!" FGL write to accompany a snippet of the song on Instagram. They released the full track in a lyric video via YouTube:

Life Rolls On is set for release on Feb. 12, and the duo said they are holding some dates for 2021 in the hope that they might be able to perform live at some point during the year in a video they posted on New Year's Day.

In that same clip, Hubbard and Kelley revealed that they are each set to release solo music in 2021, as well as new FGL music. Kelley has some solo songs that he plans to release as a collection by the summer, while Hubbard has undertaken a series of collaborations. The first of those songs, "Undivided," is a duet with Tim McGraw, and it's set for release on Jan. 13.

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