To an adult, it seems like the simplest task in the world. But to a small child, walking down an aisle and sprinkling flower petals on the ground is apparently totally terrifying. Here are some videos of little girls who just can't handle the pressure of being flower girl. It might make you rethink the plans for your wedding ceremony, especially the farting. That's right -- farting.

  • It's harder than it looks to sprinkle petals all the way down the aisle.

  • This one straight up runs away.

  • All that walking tuckered this one out.

  • It's hard for kids to do two things at once.

  • The fanfare contrasts nicely with the nose picking.

  • You had ONE job to do, and you fell asleep instead, flower girl.

  • This little girl must have the cleanest bedroom in the world.

  • Nothing says "holy matrimony" quite like a toddler running and screaming down the aisle.

  • This one really needs to talk to the groom.

  • Actual farting.

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