Well it happened today. After all of the hearsay and the raving about how great of a hangout it is, I took my family to Curfman's massive corn maze in Union Gapl! And I am here to tell you that it really was a great time!

When you first walk in you're greeted by the very friendly and personable staff, who get you a stamp so you can get in and out of the maze. Then, immediately to your right you see the well-groomed selection of pumpkins for your choosing. From there they have a couple of photo opportunity scenes for you to choose from. As you walk in to the vast space your nose is hit with the scent of firewood burning, the sound of kids at play in the corn. As you continue to walk in your greeted by an tall straw pyramid that holds the joy to most children there, as they have a long slide from the tippy-top all the way to the bottom! You can hear the kids laughing in the kids straw a maze, but what really catches your eye is the massive literally massive corn maze at the back of the property. My family and I spent a good 45 minutes making our way through the maze, enjoying getting lost in the rows of corn, the pathways are large so that you don’t have to walk single file, and wide enough to take a stroller in, as we were making our way out of the maze we were greeted with the a voice letting us know that the hayride was up and running, unfortunately we didn't have time to do the hayride as we took the 18-month-old, but we did enjoy roasting s'mores by the fire, which were absolutely delightful!
I would definitely say that after our visit to Curfman's we will definitely be returning customers! If you have not been out there, make sure you do and enjoy the time that they have set up for you


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