Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has joined Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s farm and rural advisory team. The Trump campaign announced that they have set up a geographically diverse team of agricultural leaders that includes congressmen, governors, state agriculture commissioners, trade association leaders and producers of grain, livestock, poultry and fruits and vegetables. Some notables include John Kautz, CEO of Ironstone Vineyards in California Tsosie Lewis, former CEO of Navajo Agricultural Products Industry, the Navajo Nation's agribusiness operation. John Block; a former deputy secretary during the George W. Bush administration, Brian Klippenstein, the executive director of Protect the Harvest, A group was founded by Forrest Lucas, who started Lucas Oil Products Inc. and who is also listed as a member of the agricultural advisory committee.

Brownfield reports that The world's largest meat processing company reportedly is moving from Brazil to Ireland. A JBS statement says it's continuing to reorganize its corporation as JBS Foods International and has registered for trading on the New York Stock Exchange.