Ready to get rid of that mask?
We are four weeks away today from Monday March 21! That's the day the governor says the statewide indoor mask mandate will be over. That means we can trash the mask.

No masks will be required in schools or child care settings

That means masks won't be required in schools and child care settings. On Friday the statewide outdoor mask mandate for large events was dropped. Right now a person must still present proof of vaccine or a negative test to attend a large event in the state but on March 21 the coronavirus vaccine verification or the proof of a negative COVID test will also be dropped and won't be required at large events.
Masks will still be required, however in prisons and jails, long term care facilities and health care settings.

No state requirement after March 21 but you could still be asked to wear a mask

Even though the statewide indoor and outdoor masking will be dropped next month the possibility you may have to wear a mask is still possible. Local governments and private businesses will still have the option of requiring a mask for residents, customers and employees.
Governor Jay Inslee last week announced the end to the indoor mask mandate after seeing major declines in COVID cases and hospitalizations in the state.
The Washington mask mandate started in June of 2020. Ever since then many states have dropped masking mandates. Washington State is one of a handful of states that still have a masking mandate in place.

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