Garth Brooks' wife, fellow country singer Trisha Yearwood, can't stand this one thing that he does! It's what you would call a pet peeve of hers, and it's come to the surface this year; after all, the superstar couple has spent even more time together than usual due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Yearwood's marital grievance came out in a recent interview the pair granted to Extra. It's just a little thing — the couple undoubtedly shared the tidbit in good humor — but it's certainly something one could envision driving her up the wall.

For Yearwood, it's Brooks' constant whistling with which she's had her fill.

"I whistle everywhere I go," Brooks admits to Jana Kramer in the Extra video chat. "It drives [Trisha] absolutely nuts, and she's been so sweet to put up with it."

To that, Yearwood adds, "It's not like just the occasional whistle, it's really like a 24/7 thing."

Of course, any married couple likely have a few pet peeves about each other. If anything, it's comforting to know that massive stars like Brooks and Yearwood are no different.

Elsewhere during the Extra interview, Brooks considered the accolades he's received in his long and fruitful career. The country icon's influential catalog of songs is fresh in viewers' minds after Kelly Clarkson revealed her love for Brooks' "The Dance" on a recent episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show.

"If you're a lucky artist," Brooks tells Kramer, "you're going to have songs played at people's weddings, played unfortunately at funerals. You get to be part of the fabric of somebody's life. As a songwriter, as an artist, oh my gosh, they can keep — no offense — they can keep all the Grammys. They can keep all the awards they want when you hear things like that. That's when you feel like an artist."

Despite the pandemic, Brooks and Yearwood have plenty going on for the holidays. The twosome's Garth & Trisha Live! A Holiday Concert Event aired Sunday night (Dec. 20) on CBS. Plus, their recent cover of "Shallow" — a duet originally from the film A Star Is Born — has taken the country world by storm.

Brooks fans also have a couple of other new things to look into this Christmas season: The singer's brand-new album Fun and latest concert set, the three-disc Triple Live, are both available now.

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