Here comes the July 4th holiday and following right behind are high summer gas prices say officials from GasBuddy. They say drivers will be facing the most expensive gas ever this year during the upcoming holiday. However GasBuddy officials say the news isn't all that bad. They say U.S. gas prices are expected to drop "10 to 20 cents by Independence Day. After months of fireworks at the pump, culminating in a $5 national average recorded for the first time just weeks ago, drivers will feel a bit of relief, though many were already determined to get out on the road despite high prices."

Despite high gas prices you're still taking that trip this summer

GasBuddy's annual summer travel survey says 58% of Americans are planning to take a road trip this summer with 33% planning to take that trip specifically on Independence Day weekend. The 4th of July will be the second most popular travel weekend of the summer, following Memorial Day.

While you're traveling your plans have changed

GasBuddy says however 70% of drivers say they changed their summer road trip plans because of high gas prices, a 52% increase from last year.
“It’s been a scorching summer at the pump with record prices set in every state. While we may see brief relief here and there, the high prices don’t seem to be holding many Americans back from hitting the road with the economy fully reopen,” says Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. “While we may see relief as we approach July 4, and potentially after, the volatility in markets remains high. We still could see a super spike in gas prices later this summer, should a hurricane threaten Gulf Coast oil refineries or oil platforms. Motorists should know that while we may see small relief today, risks remain that prices could go up at a moment's notice and set new records again.”

Governor Jay Inslee says no breaks for state drivers

GasBuddy officials say President Biden announced his desire to halt the federal gas tax for three months, which could result in a 18.4-cent decline in gas prices.
If the tax is suspended, prices at the pump could drop even further this summer, saving American drivers collectively about $70 million per day while the average motorist saves $25-$70 over three months. Governor Jay Inslee says he has no plan to suspend the .49 cent gas tax in Washington State this summer.

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