You got to love her being so straight forward!! 

Gretchen Wilson says she was just joking around when she made comments about rapper Kanye West after he told reporters he was “robbed” in 2004 in the catogory of Best New Artist of the American Music Awards when Gretchen edged him out. Gretchen's responds to Kanye’s behavior by calling him a “baby” and saying that she “wasn’t above kicking butt[radio edit]” Gretchen said that now “Reading it doesn’t sound like what I said at all. If you actually watched the video you could see that I’m just cuttin’ up. Iam just kind of making fun of the whole situation.I don’t really want to start a fight with Kanye because I’ve seen the people that he runs around with. I was just kind of point out the obvious, you know, I am not bitter. Why would I be bitter? I won…" Gretchen is nominated in two categories at this year’s Grammy Awards - Female Country Vocal Performance and Country Song of the Year for her single “I’d Love to Be Your Last.”