I did not grow up in Yakima (I am a Southern Belle from Nashville, Tennessee). That means jack to me because I have lived in the Yakima Valley for almost exactly 18 years (I moved here on March 7, 2002). Recently, I was invited to join a couple of Facebook groups honoring the natural scenic beauty of Yakima as well as a nostalgia "Oh, how we miss" fill in the blank restaurant, store, drive-in, etc.

Living in the Valley for this long makes me practically a local by now, so I feel safe enough to make the #GrowingUpInYakima hashtag on Twitter. What are some things you would add to this hashtag? Here's what I would add:

  • People still miss a live "chicken" that they fed inside of a grocery store. #GrowingUpInYakima
  • I keep hearing there was a drive-in somewhere on Fruitvale Blvd, and I wish it was still here. #GrowingUpInYakima
  • I'm old enough to remember people griping about the "Palm Springs of Yakima" sign. (Some are still griping to this day!) I, for one, LOVE IT! #GrowingUpInYakima
  • They moved the Zillah Teapot gas station to another town over, and then they moved it back to Zillah. #GrowingUpInYakima
  • Poochies Hot Dog stand was the best hot dog stand in the world. (It closed down years ago and I'm still steamed about it.) #GrowingUpInYakima
  • The Craft Warehouse arts and crafts store went out of business (I'm still steamed about it), and now the building is being turned into a property of the Yakima Valley College. #GrowingUpInYakima
  • I'm old enough to remember when YVC was called YVCC. #GrowingUpInYakima
  • "Day-oh! Dayyy-oh! One Day Sale at the Bon Marche!" #GrowingUpInYakima

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