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If I had to take a guess of what the most popular Halloween costume will be in the year of 2020, I would say either a big old ball of Coronavirus germs or Carol Baskin.

In fact, any of the characters from Tiger King will be a hit, especially Joe Exotic with that ratty mullet of his..

I also think there will be a lot of "Karens" and Trump heads this Halloween. I bet a lot of kids will dress up as fairies, pirates, and ballerina princesses.

I remember when my now 9-year-old daughter, Willow, was 4, I dressed her up as a Baby Maleficent. She was so dang cute. One of my radio show listeners hand-made the outfit. I was so touched and very impressed with her work. (I wonder what she is up to now, but I digress.)

via Reesha Cosby
via Reesha Cosby

I think the Millennials will probably dress up as somebody that I will have no idea who they are from Tik Tok or in a costume dressed up as a piece of Avocado Toast. I am also sure there will be a few "Okay, Boomers!" costumes amongst the 20 and 30-somethings for 2020.

I would love to dress up as a starlet from either the Great Gatsby book or the Harlem Renaissance, after all, both of these legendary looks are from exactly 100 years ago in the 1920s!

For more Halloween costume inspiration, check out the local Spirit Halloween store or check out this article.

What are YOU going to be for Halloween?

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