Today we celebrate our sisters and brothers. Blood or from another mother, we salute you! 😍

Townsquare Media/Sarah J
Townsquare Media/Sarah J

Mom got pretty creative with the halloween costumes back in the day! I am the clown, my little brother Luke is the pirate and my middle sibling, the spaceman, is Jacob! :)

As the years roll by I have been blown away by stories of people grabbing DNA kits to find out about their backgrounds and then discovering they have a long-lost sister or brother.

Has that happened to you?

We found out a few years ago that my Grama's sister apparently had a baby and gave it up for adoption (without her siblings catching on). They even admitted how clueless they were! How did they not notice? But they didn't! After all his adopted family had passed, our separated-at-birth relative decided to take a test to see if he had any living relatives. Yep! A lot of them -- and now he comes to all the family functions!



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