Video conferencing is the new norm as we connect looking for some sort of comfort catching up with those we love. Or we are doing it for work.

It seems like most have seemed to carefully place the video camera at an optimum setting to capture themselves in the best setting, lighting and angles. We see it. It looks good. Maybe we say to ourselves, “Wish my backround looked that good.” If you have said that, you might be guilty of “Isolation Envy”.

Nathan Buckley Press Conference via Zoom Meeting
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It’s where others are jealous of other people's houses during this lockdown. It’s easy to fall into.

Now that we’re in lockdown for the long haul, we’ve all had to switch up our social media game. Gone are the smug brunches, gym changing room selfies, look-how-much-fun-we’re-having after work cocktails – the focus now is all about flaunting the appearance of the perfect lockdown setup.

Whether we’re showing off our culinary conquests, updating our Pinterest-worthy interiors, or humble bragging about our latest living room workout – everyone seems to be trying to one-up everyone else with just how perfectly we are filling every hour of every day. And it isn’t only social media.

Masked Washing Up
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Suddenly we are Zooming into the homes of our bosses, colleagues, distant family members and friends of friends. And while we may only see a glimpse in the background, the perfectly curated bookshelves, light-bathed expanses of wooden flooring, hints of a lawn or balcony through windows, are enough to leave us feeling inadequate.

So, are you guilty of “isolation envy”?

If so, take the time to realize that this is the next level of Instagram where everything seems to be perfect and crafted to illicit the desired response.
Someone is always going have more than you. Accept it. Until then, now is probably the best time to truly appreciate what you have. In other words, rock what you got!

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