Sick of leftovers yet? Turkey sandwiches? Turkey soup? Turkey shakes?!? You probably have lots of leftovers. It’s been a few days since the holiday. Is that turkey in the fridge still good?

According to the Food and Drug administration, they may not be good to eat anymore. The food many have “Turnt”, which is a hick way of saying, the food is no longer any good. Here’s how long those leftovers will last for safe eating.

Turkey - Lasts four days in the fridge; four months in the freezer. It is best stored by cutting into small pieces and keeping in small containers.

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Gravy - Lasts four days in the fridge; four months in the freezer. Best reheated by bringing to a rolling boil. Microwave not recommended.

Cranberry Sauce - Lasts seven to ten days in the fridge. Freezing not recommended. If it is still in the shape of the can, you get bonus points.

Potatoes - Lasts four days in the fridge; two months in the freezer Stuffing - Lasts four days in the fridge; three months in the freezer

Pies - Best stored at room temperature for up to two days. Can be stored in the fridge loosely covered for two additional days


- Refrigerate within two hours at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. Reheat to 165 degrees and you should be good to go.

Since your leftovers may have hit the 4-day threshold, you may be tempted to give some of these to your pets. Please don’t. Most of our human food is not good for them. Best to throw away for the safety of all.

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