Yakima Health District officials say information about mass vaccination sites in Yakima County will be available Monday but there's no plan to open a site this month because of a lack of vaccine. Officials have said that it will likely be mid to late February before shots are available to the general public. District spokesman Lilian Bravo says until mass sites are opened the best thing for people to do is use the Phase Finder at findyourphasewa.org to see if you are currently eligible to receive the vaccine. Currently those who are 50 and over who live in multi-generational households and those 65 or older are able to get the vaccine. Across Yakima County, all three hospitals, and all three federally qualified health centers have received the COVID-19 vaccine. In addition, several local pharmacies have received vaccine to administer to staff and residents of long-term care facilities. But not enough vaccine is in Yakima County to open up a large site for the general public.
Other sites are opening on Monday in other parts of the state. Health officials say sites in other regions are open to everyone but you must have an appointment. On Monday mass vaccination sites will open at the Benton County and Clark County Fairgrounds, the Toyota Center in Wenatchee and the Spokane arena.

Yakima Health District officials say they hope to have more information about mass vaccination sites in Yakima early next week. She says at this time they simply don't have enough vaccine available to open large vaccination sites at this time.

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