Unsellable houses on HGTV is taking the world by storm, twin sisters Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis work as home flippers and top realtors in Snohomish County Washington.

They've been flipping and selling houses in Snohomish country for quite some time but were approached with a chance at their own television show. The first season captured the world by storm and now currently recording it's 3rd.

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The twin sisters were running their own reality group long before they were approached for their own show. It makes sense that they were given their own show, they connect with the people they're selling for and go out of the way to redesign the house to make it fit whatever the market is asking for.

They were known for working within people's budgets and being able to create a new home without taking down a single wall. They go thrift shopping, find used and old home decorations, and re-invent them to catch the eye of any buyer. it's simple to say they've not only found success as sellers but now have their own business as home redesigners as well. Their techniques for selling a home may not be exactly by the playbook most realtors use but it's what makes them special and gives people looking to renovate or sell their home

If you're looking to bring them into your home you'll have to be living in the Snohomish County area, however, all their ideas for home renovations can be found on HGTV. If you wanna see more about the twins and their adventures in flipping homes in Washington just check out the video below.


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