People talk about how great the pizza is in Chicago for their deep dish with extra cheese or the flat, foldable style of New York pizza. St. Louis has pizza make with a special cheese only available in that region (provel) but the Northwest isn't really known for its pizza. I was curious to see that Red Robin, known for awesome burgers and unlimited fries, now has pizza on the menu. I mean, of course I had to try it.

I placed an order to go. Nothing too fancy, just a 10" pepperoni. It came to about $9.99. They have a larger one and some with other toppings but this will work.

The verdict: Pretty good!

It was a thin, flat crust which many aren't used to but the older I get the thinner I like my pizza crust. It was also cut like a grid instead of the traditional triangles. Flavor was perfect for me. I'm looking forward to ordering another one, maybe trying the whiskey river BBQ chicken pizza.

As it turns out, their pizza is from an Ohio chain called Donitos Pizza. Looks like maybe they're doing a cross promotion. Either way, I think it's pretty good.

It may not be for everyone as so many in Yakima think pizza is a quick, already made $5 so the idea to spend more for essentially less doesn't sound great and I don't blame them. But if you're interested in trying something new, might wanna grab one.

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