Last night I sat watching True Blood holding my breath that Alexandar Skarsgards character Eric Northman would not meet the true death. I sat there saying, "Please don't die Eric!" "Please don't die Eric!" My older kids just looked at me like I was losing my mind. It's been rumored that he would die in episode 6.

Although Alexander didn't die other True Blood cast members where not so lucky. Govener Burrell was killed by Billith and Terry Bellefleur was shot after he had arraigned for a former solider he served with in Iraq to shot him. Terry has struggled with his war demons and recently his killing of Patrick. Arlene had arraigned for a vampire to glamor him to forget all his demons and it had worked, which made the killing even sadder.

Don't think I'm not worried about Eric being killed off this season. True Blood is known for their crazy cliff hanger endings!