One of the after effects of getting ‘Rona is, I have lost my sense of smell, along 70% of my taste.

Now this works to my advantage in many ways. I was walking by our walk-in closet the other day and my wife Lisa asks, “Hey, you gonna take care of Kitty’s litterbox?” I stopped and realized, I can’t smell it. “Is it bad?” Lisa replied emphatically, “Yeah.” “I can’t smell it.” “Well you are lucky because it smells bad. Can you clean it out?” A reasonable request as she was headed out for work.

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So I dived in. Yep, it was bad upon visual inspection. Still could not smell it. In this case, BONUS!

I went to make some lunch and noticed Lisa had something brewing in our slow cooker. She was making Pot Roast which usually fills our house with the wonderful scent of dinner coming together. I would not have known this if I didn’t see it on the counter bubblin’ up. Wow, smell is certainly a gift isn’t it?

My concern is I can’t smell things I need to smell. Like when something is burning. I am realizing that is something I rely on more than I knew. A few years ago, at my previous job, I walked into the studio and noticed a faint burning smell. I notified the engineer and he told me it was a wire that was running hot and could have caused a fire if left unchecked. Since then, I have relied on my sense of smell to warn me of things.

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Since my taste is also down, I am taking advantage of that too. I am eating foods I don’t like and haven’t tried for years. Like Cauliflower, Kale and peas. Advantage? No taste, eat food that is actually good for me.

I am sure over the next couple weeks, my senses will come back. I am hoping I can find my way to enjoying these super foods as it recovers and avoid cleaning the litterbox as long as I can.


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