"Those that say money can't buy happiness have never been to a yard sale." - Author Unknown

Yakima is a yard sale town. There. I said it. Understandably, too. Even our very own Timmy! is an unabashed "junker." If you're one of those types who loves hunting for "treasure" at a wildly discounted price, don't forget Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale is a week from Saturday (May 12) in the parking lot at Perry Technical Institute. Ninety -- yes, 90! -- individual yard sales ALL IN ONE PLACE!

If that sounds like your kind of happy place -- dare I say zen place --  then maybe you'll enjoy these haikus about rummage sales, courtesy of the contributors at BadHaiku.com!

"Pooping gives me joy.
Like have a yard sale.
You get rid of s--t"
- Darth Figpucker, May 24, 2014

"years of hoarding builds
obsolete items and trash
yard sales soon follow"
- vhs, May 31, 2013

"Odds and ends of old
yard sales, mistakes and knick knacks
The books we pass on"
- PXC, May 7, 2001

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