There always seems to a be a new scam or new warning going around for some reason or another.

Something that you'd think nothing of if you happen to see it but once you hear about it you can't help but have it in the back of your mind just in case it's true and not just some urban legend.

Anyone else still have anxiety on if they should flash their brights to someone who doesn't have their headlines on after dark? Yeah, I hear ya.

This advice comes from Danny Hill, a dj in Bakersfield, California. Never mind the California part, this could be happening anywhere in the United States.

In a recent Instagram reel you find him at a gas station with an apple and an orange sitting on top of the gas pump. Very non-assuming.

The idea if depending on which fruit you take, a nearby, hidden drug dealer will approach you to do the deal.

And if you don't follow through with the deal after you grab one of the fruits, according to Danny, you'll be "in a world of hurt."

How accurate is this? Well, I've never heard of it before this video. Not only that but I've also never seen fruit on gas pumps anywhere around Washington or Oregon so who knows how true this is.

I mean, if I see fruit sitting on a gas pump, I'm leaving it alone whether it means drugs or not, as those gas pumps have to be about the most unclean places I can think of to eat anything from, but still.

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