You'd think with how much processed foods the United States consumes on a daily basis, there wouldn't be too many things that are off-limited but, as it turns out, there's a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

Here are just a few foods that you won't find in the menu in Washington State. Or, if you do, you shouldn't as, according to, these foods are illegal in the US.

What are the Forbidden Foods of the United States

Most fruits are sweet but this one drops your blood sugar levels to a point that could be fatal. It seems ackee and saltfish is a very popular breakfast item.

Chilean Sea Bass
Though used to be on the menu, now it's so rare many countries, including United States, have banned it. Though, odd, you can still seem to find it at some restaurants. Maybe they never got the memo.

Foie Gras
The idea of force-feeding geese to get it to this level is inhumane so it's now outlawed.

Horse Meat
Thought should be obvious, this one does have some gray area. Eating horse meat is okay, but slaughtering horses for consumption is illegal.

Trump Bureau Of Land Management Budget Seeks To Cull U.S. Wild Horses
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Japanese Puffer Fish
This is another on the list of 'it is technically legal to eat' but must be done by a licensed sushi chef. It is banned in most of the US but you may still find a vendor here and there. Famously, the reason being that part of this fish can produce a toxin that, when consumed, could paralyze you and lead to you basically not breathing.

Another that used to be on the menu but due to it being an endangered species it's now off-limits. You may still find it on menus in the south, though. In moderation, of course.

Sassafras Oil
No matter how fun it is to say 'Sassafras', which was used in things like root beer (it was the 'root') and tea as well. (have you ever heard of sarsaparilla?) one of the compounds, as it turns out, could cause cancer. Yep, that'd do it.

Shark Fins
the namely ingredient in Shark Fin Soup which is something I've had before and, admittedly, it was amazing. However, making it is harder these days, as the act of de-finning a shark to put back into the waters is illegal. There have been restaurants that have been making imitation shark fin soup which I'm sure tastes just as good. It's not the sharks that would give it all that flavor as it is. Like how poppy seed muffins are just almond muffins with poppy seeds. Remove the poppy seeds and it tastes the same.

Unpasteurized Milk
Raw milk could be loaded with bacteria so 21 states have banned it and even states that allow it are only allowed is bought direct from farm and in small quantities. Washington and California are a couple of the states where it's permitted when allowed.

Wild Beluga Caviar
Since 2005, this has been outlawed due to harvestation making the fish an endangered species.

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