A Tennessee nightclub owner held on drug charges has been freed against his will. Prosecutors dropped felony drug charges against Thorne Peters Monday, citing inadequate proof. Since Peters faced only misdemeanor marijuana charges, the judge dropped his $25,000 bond and ordered him released on his own recognizance Tuesday. “You’re sending me into the snow with a tank top and pajama bottoms?” Peters shouted. The judge reminded Peters he’d been in jail for 19 months and said he wouldn’t be held any longer on just a misdemeanor charge. Peters continued to berate the judge, asking if he was in contempt of court yet. As he kept protesting his release, the judge had Peters removed from court. Trial was set for February 22nd. Peters had been in jail since his Imbibrios Bar in Millington was closed down in July 2009 as a public nuisance for allegedly allowing drug use and sales.

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