Psst, hey, I have a question to whisper in your ear because I don't know the law on this: Is it illegal these days to ride around in the back of someone's truck bed?


I asked myself this question yesterday because I saw a truck whip right in front of me and they had about 5 GROWN people sitting in the back of their truck.


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I'm from Tennessee so when I was growing up it was no thing to see a bunch of people sitting in the back of a truck going down highway I-65. Years later it had become illegal to do that if you were under 12 years old, much to many back kid road riders' chagrin. To be honest, I haven't seen anybody riding around in the back like that since I moved to Yakima and that was almost twenty (20) years ago!

The GROWN people in the back were smiling and having a good time but I was worried about their safety. Maybe it's the MOM in me especially now that I have a 10-year-old kiddo (Willow hates to be called a "kiddo", by the way). I want to protect her from danger and I was feeling that kind of way about these grown adults that I didn't even know!

All I could think of was what could happen if the driver of that truck drove over a big rock on the street or hit a curb! All five of those mealy-mouthed jokers would have been flying out the back of that freakin' truck! They would have been hurt, ended up in the hospital with broken backs and legs and whatnot. I would have been devastated.

Being the nosey heffa that I am, I did some digging around in the law books and no, it is NOT ILLEGAL to ride around the back of a truck as an adult, even if the truck bed has no seatbelts.

Well, okay then, take chances on bruising your bottoms if you WANT TO! I wonder if the truck was so full of people inside that they had no choice but to sit in the back. Where the heck were they headed to, anyway?!

This site right here from Medina, Washington says you could be subject to a ticket if you have a bunch of people riding in the back of your truck but only under certain circumstances. The article is a few years old, so maybe the law has changed since then. If you know what the latest info is on this please let me know (so I can stop Momma-Worrying)!

Maybe people can get one of these "BedRyder" seats so they can safely ride in the back seat of our trucks!

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