A lot of Yakima's residents have family over on the west side of Washington, whether it's Tacoma, Seattle, Bellvue, or Gig harbor. This means plenty of people will brave it across the Snoqualmie pass for Christmas.

But the real question now is if the pass will be open this Christmas or will it end up being closed for the holidays? We're taking a look to get you the best answer.

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I myself have my entire family in Western Washington. if we can't make it home this year it'll be our first Christmas on our own. Of course, we can go over when it clears up and celebrate with family when it's finally clear.

However, some people have All Wheel Drive, studded tires, or just tire chains and are willing to make the drive. Now, all it comes down to is the pass staying open during the week.

However, it looks like the pass is about to get slammed with snow. Reports of snow starting Wednesday and going thru until Saturday. This could mean the pass being shut down in the early hours of the morning or late hours of the night. If it's really bad we may see a shut down for a day or two depending on weather conditions.

The last week the pass has been shut down a number of times due to weather conditions and a good amount of snow on the roadways. This doesn't mean it will be shut down but definitely has a chance to be.

If you do decide to brave the winter pass then make sure you have emergency items on hand including a Blanket, First aid kit, emergency cell phone charger, and snacks. It's important to have these on hand in case of any road emergency you encounter or come across. Please be safe during your holiday travel.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!


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